The United African Congress, Inc. is a not-for-profit organization in the United States with its National headquarters based in New York City and branches in Georgia, Ohio, California, and Connecticut. Founded in 1998, the UAC is an umbrella organization representing the interests of 3.5 million continental African immigrants throughout the United States of America. It was formed on March 8, 1998 and it’s operations are guided by the Constitution and By-Laws embedded in the heritage and culture steeped in the hearts of people of African descent.

Our Mission And Vision

The purposes for which the United African Congress is organized are charitable, educational, scientific, and cultural.

Specifically they are:

  • To unify Continental Africans in an effort to build capacity and empower them in the Americas and in our homelands.
  • To preserve and promote the image, heritage and culture of the continent of Africa.
  • To promote African affairs in the Americas.
  • To alleviate the cultural and social difficulties encountered by Continental Africans and to facilitate their settlements as law abiding people.
  • To promote democracy and good governance in Africa and lend support to all legitimate causes that would benefit Africa.
  • To engae in any lawful activities for the purpose of raising funds for the organization in order to achieve it’s stated objectives
  • To facilitate and promote enduring relationships between Africa and people of goodwill in the areas of trade, arts, and culture, technology, science, education and healthcare, etc.
  • To encourage and promote the transfer of technology in Africa while building its capacity for sustainable economic growth and development.