Any person who desires to be a member of UAC must satisfy the criteria established by the UAC Membership Committee responsible for admission as follows:

  • That he or she subscribes to the purposes and interest of UAC and will strive to uphold the philosophy, goals and objectives of UAC.
  • That he or she is responsible, honest and law-abiding.
  • That he or she is not at the time of his or her application for membership and during the time of such membership will not be involved or engaged in any form of criminal or illegal activity
  • That he or she will be loyal to the association and will maintain confidentiality of all proposed projects during meetings unless otherwise noted for public disemination.


There are several opportunities to voulnteer with the United African Congress. If you would like to help out with a project or volunteer your time, please click on the link below and fill out an application. Don’t forget to email us your resume.



There is no UAC without U. Most of our projects are supported by donations from everyday citizens. In other to alleviate the cultural and social difficulties encountered by continental Africans and to facilitate their settlement as law-abiding people around the world, we count on your generosity to maintain our services. Please click here to donate. No amount is too small.