Hon. Sidique Wai
President and National Spokesperson
In 1972, Sidique Wai migrated to New York City from Sierra Leone, West Africa and became a naturalized American citizen. Two years later, he received his Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Pre-Law from Fordham University and continued his education as a graduate student at the Robert Wagner School of Public Service at New York University.

Mr. Wai led the Land Use committee in Community Board 9 and served as Deputy Director and Division Chief for Resident Support Services of the NYC Housing Authority, ensuring needed services to the local senior community. On an international scale, he is the President and National Spokesperson for the United African Congress in America.

Since 2006, Mr. Wai also serves as a Community Relations Specialist and Adviser to the New York City Police Commissioner. He is also a member of the Department of Homeland Security Leadership Roundtable.

Mr. Wai is the first Continental African to run for citywide office. He was a democratic candidate for the 2013 Office of Public Advocate in New York City.

Mohammed Nurhussein, MD
National Chairman

Dr. Mohammed A. Nurhussein is Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine and until his retirement, he served as Chief of Geriatric Medicine at the State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center. Under his leadership the geriatric fellowship program secured a full 5-year accreditation in 2009. Dr Nurhussein was born in Adwa, Ethiopia where he received his primary and secondary school education.

On orders of Emperor Haile Selassie, he was recruited to the then newly-established military academy. Upon graduation he was one of six Army officers sent by the Emperor to Yugoslavia to study medicine thus becoming among the first Ethiopian military doctors. He came to the US in 1972 to pursue further training in internal medicine and pulmonary medicine. The 1974 revolution which abolished the millennia-old monarchy was soon hijacked by the military, which established a repressive regime eliminating all opposition. Dr. Nurhussein’s brother was among the thousands of young Ethiopians killed by the regime.

Seeking political asylum in the U.S., Dr Nurhussein started a long career as an attending physician at Kings County Hospital Center, affiliated with SUNY Downstate College of Medicine where he held a faculty appointment. He has been a mentor and role model to generations of medical students and residents. His long service at both public institutions has earned him numerous awards. Dr. Nurhussein has been listed in the Castle-Connolly Best Doctors in Geriatric Medicine in New York in 2009 and 2010.

He is an active member and of the United African Congress and various other civic, professional and humanitarian organizations. He and some Ethiopian doctors from the Diaspora are currently building a hospital in Ethiopia to study African diseases.

Michael Cole, Phd
Executive Vice President for Administration and Finance

Dr. Michael J. Cole started his college education at the Fourah Bay College (University of Sierra Leone) in Freetown. He moved to Milan, Italy and earned his doctorate degree in Economics and Statistics at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart. While pursuing his studies in Milan, he used some summer vacation time to do some French Language and Literature courses at the University of Grenoble for foreigners in France. Before leaving Milan, Dr. Cole was employed by the Italian Petroleum Company AGIP and posted to AGIP Liberia Corporation in Monrovia, Liberia as an Accountant. Two years later, Dr. Cole returned to Sierra Leone to head the Price Statistics Division at the Central Statistics Office. After three years, Dr. Cole was awarded a U.N. Fellowship to study Price & Manpower Statistics at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington, DC. He returned home and continued his work at the Central Statistics Office. Three years later, Dr. Cole moved to New York City to rejoin his family. He took up his first appointment with the New York City Dept. of Health as Senior Statistician and continued his studies and earned a Masters degree at the New School for Social Research. He went on to work at the New York city Human Resources Administration as Staff Analyst and now as Associate Staff Analyst. Dr. Cole and Mrs. Cole have 2 children.

Doussouba Kouroma
President, Connecticut Chapter

Madame Doussouba Kourouma Kamara was born in Kankan, Guinea and attended Gamal Abdel Nassser University located in Guinea from 1996-1990 where she earned a bachelors in Economics. Later on, she earned her BSN (Bachelors of Science in nursing) RN at the national school of health in Kinda, Guinea, West Africa.

She came to the US in November 1991 with a student visa and attended Business school where she graduated in 1993. Immediately after graduation, she opened her first shop Doussou African hair braiding in New York on 125 St. & Madison Ave. She moved to Connecticut where she opened another shop with her sister.

In 2008 she joined the UAC to lend a hand wherever she could. “Seeing the work that our honorable president Sidique Wai does in NYC, I asked for permission to expend a UAC chapter to Connecticut so I could better help my community.” In April of the same year, Mme. Doussouba launched a UAC chapter in New Haven, CT. The programs in CT include helping UAC members retain health insurance, legal counsel, (IMMIGRATION & CAR ACCIDENTS); introduce them to better educational opportunities for children; & job placement.

Mme. Doussouba returned to school in 2010 and earned a Masters in Health Administration from Phoenix University. She is married to Mamadee Kamara and has two children, Djene Doumbouya & Amadou Kamara. Her daughter graduated with her bachelor’s degree in May, 2014. According to her daughter, “my mom is my everything: role model, my doctor, and my best friend honestly she is impeccable person overrule”. She’s currently the co/owner of KONEDU HOME CARE, LLC www.koneduhomecare.com & President of UAC, CT chapter.

Ivonne Reid
Deputy Treasurer
Director of Protocol

IVONNE REID was born in Panama City in Central America and migrated to New York City in 1973 to join her husband. She worked as an Executive Secretary to Mr. James Obi of the Equitable Life Assurance Company were she honed her skills and gained a “mentor” as well. She studied marketing while simultaneously pursuing a para-legal training course at the New York Technical College. Upon graduation, Ms. Reid landed employment with a solo practitioner Mr. Avrom Vann and later transferred to the mid-size law firm of Winston and Sherman, P.C., where she served as an Assistant to the Head of the Litigation Department of the firm. With an impeccable record in professionalism, Ms. Reid was hired by Morison and Cohen LLP, an acclaimed and reputable law firm, where she continues to serve with excellence and distinction. In total, Ms. Reid has had over 34 years of working in the legal field. She pursued continuing education at Baruch College, with a concentration in Business Administration and Personnel Management.

The distinguished and special leadership skills that Ms. Reid has acquired over 34 years and still counting have also come in handy for her in the world of philanthropy and voluntary work. She currently serves as both Director of Protocol and Deputy Treasurer for the United African Congress, where she is principally responsible for overseeing the finances and operations of the United African Congress, the management of the Chairman, President and National Spokesperson and Trustees schedules. These services have undoubtedly made the United African Congress one of the most effective and nationally recognized Pan-African Organizations in the United States. Ms. Reid also volunteers her services to her church, where she has remained a member for 20years.

Dr. Sorle Diih
Vice Chair of Public Säfety
Dr. Sorle Stanley Diih is a criminologist and Lieutenant with the New York Police Department.

He began his post-secondary education at the University of Athens, Greece in 1989 and transferred a year later to the University of Leuven, Belgium. Dr. Diih obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Philosophy from Lehman College/CUNY New York in 1993, a Masters in Public Administration Degree from John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY in 1997 and a Doctorate Degree in Criminology from the University of Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom in July 2005. His doctoral program was funded in part by the New York Finest Foundation through the New York Police Department.

Dr. Diih is a Criminologist and an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Public Management at John Jay College of Criminal Justice/CUNY, New York. He is a strategic planner, an analytical thinker, an innovative administrator and proven law enforcement professional. Dr. Diih and his wife, Annetta have been married for over twenty three years and they have three children. He is the Vice Chairman of the United African Congress for over two years and is in charge of Public Safety.

Dr. Pamela Ransom
Director for Policy

Pamela Ransom is an Associate Professor in the Master of Public Administration program in the School for Public Affairs and Administration at Metropolitan College of New York. She joined the faculty in 2011. She has been active as an administrator, environmentalist, planner, educator and community activist. After completing her undergraduate education at Harvard University and doctorate from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, she served as Deputy Director of Town Planning for the Government of Jamaica and consultant for USAID. She was also Co-director of Harvard Africa Volunteers working in East Africa.

She has previously served as Special Assistant for Environmental Affairs for the Manhattan Borough President and New York City Mayor and as Program Director for the Women’s Environment and Development Organization, managing a global program on health and environment. She has taught with institutions including Long Island University, Northwestern University, St. Joseph’s College and Alfred University.

Dr. Ransom has also been active as a researcher and consultant for a wide variety of government agencies, health institutions and community organizations internationally and in the United States. She has numerous publications on issues related to public administration and policy, focusing on themes including inter-agency collaboration, advocacy and community participation. In her role as Associate Professor at Metropolitan College she teaches a range of courses including introductory courses on public administration, public policy, and organizational behavior and has previously taught a wide array of courses throughout the field of public policy and administration.

Mr. Ahmed Kargbo
Secretary General

Ahmed D. Kargbo is the founder and current President of the Union of Sierra Leonean Organizations (USLO) Inc. He is also a Board member and former President of the United States Sierra Leonean Association (USSLA) Inc. Under his leadership the Sierra Leone community is being represented in different forums and avenues of need.

His challenge is to have Sierra Leone and Sierra Leoneans seen and heard where other nationals meet. Over the years, Mr. Kargbo has been very visible around the Boroughs of New York City stamping his indelible mark on behalf of his people.

Mr. Kargbo champions local and national issues on behalf of his people even went to Congress to advocate for Sierra Leoneans in the United States. He partnered with other immigrants in New York City to rally for the current immigration reform bill that affects every immigrant in the United States. His passion on this issue can be attributed to his countless efforts in community engagements and meetings with his congressman and or his staff.

Mr. Kargbo forces who was born in Sierra Leone is a medically retired veteran of the United States armed forces. He holds a BS. Degree in Technical Management (Information Technology), and a Masters in Public Administration (Government and Non-profit) and an MBA (Information Security).

He also holds membership in the Sierra Leone Nurses Association and the United African Congress where he has been a member since 2010.

Salif M. Ouattara
Chair of Economic Development

Salif Ouattara is the owner of Solar X System, Inc. in partnership with Sunny’s Limousine since 2009. He was born in Abidjan, Ivory Coast where he attended Lycee Classic. He went to Gamal Abdel Nasser University in Conakry, Guinea where he received a BA in Business Administration. After graduation, Mr Ouattara founded a firm that specialized in Energy trade and transportation. He also graduated with a PhD in Business Management from Abidjan University

Mr. Salif Ouattara moved to the United States in 1992 and joined the United African Congress in 1998. From 1999 – 2003, Mr Ouattara attended City College where he recived a Bachelor in English & a minor in Corporate Logistics . He became the Chairman of Economic Development in 2007 and put his energy towards establishing a secure for profit channel of investment between Africa and America called BABA (BUY AMERICA to BUILD AFRICA)

He currently works with the Andrew Johnson Law Firm’s Immigrants Community Division. He is a proud grandfather of a little “princess”.

Ogo Sow
Chair of Diaspora and Media Affairs

Ogo knows everyone…from government representatives to people on the street and every one of the delegates; and his mission in life is to spread his love for Africa and to encourage his brothers and sisters all over the world to experience Africa for themselves.

Ogo Sow, a native of Senegal is a broadcast journalist and host of the first African émigré and expatriate radio program in the United States. Sow’s radio show, “Mr Africa Live,” features news, in-depth interviews, and African music and can be listened to in English, French, Creole and Wolof.

Affectionately known in America as “Mr. Africa,” Sow is also a senior advisor for the African Travel Association on African Diaspora affairs who has reported extensively on major stories for ATA from Cameroon, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Tanzania. In 2001, Sow founded Ogo Sow Communication Network, a series of African radio programs for African Diaspora communities in New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Los Angeles. He later moved to Atlanta to host “Night Watch,” an interactive radio segment on Africa that he hosted until 2005.

Sow has received a number of awards from the media and the African Diaspora community in recognition of his efforts to keep the émigrés and expatriates, as well as those interested in African politics, culture, music and events, connected to the continent. As one of the finest commentators on Africa, Sow brings his experience, knowledge, and expertise on the media, travel and tourism, and arts & culture to corporate, civic and academic symposia and seminars around the country. A great communicator, Sow has a knack for connecting with people and bringing them together.

Sadiq Abubakar
Chair of Youth Affairs

Sadick Abubakar is a recent Graduate from the University of Maryland-College Park, where he received his Master’s degree with honors in Mechanical Engineering in May of 2014. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. There he led a team in the redesign of the Mini Baja Car Design intended for farmers in West Africa, Ghana.

He is the recipient of the Emerging Leaders Award given to him by Councilwoman Diane Foster and is a political advisor to many aspiring politicians and strategists. He can speak 5 languages and considers himself to being once a Ghanaian and now identifies as an African – meaning he believes in a United Africa. He is the National Youth President and Coordinator at the United African Congress, where he represents African youth throughout the United States of America. He is a proud Muslim and represented the Muslim community as the Logistics Coordinator at I am a Muslim too Rally. He continually gives back to the community by mentoring and tutoring in the subjects of both mathematics and science.

Now he is preparing to go for his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at an Ivy League School.

Mambo Tse
Chair of Arts & Culture

Mambo Tse studied Theory of Communications from Marymount Manhattan College & Corporate Communication from Mercy College both in New-York City and is a certified NYC Healthy Relationships coach, a certified leader in Child and Youth Services from Baruch College. But most notedly, she is known as a choreographer, artistic director and performance artist. Over the past sixteen years she has conducted many workshop on healthy relationships, African Dance, Music & culture globally.

Mambo Tse, is a dedicated and committed community activist who was a cultural coordinator of UNESCO Center for Peace,NYS, in 2013. Mambo Tse currently has a video running on MTV called “OMG Bklyn” with Blahz Martell and was voted Best Soukous Entertainer at the International Reggae and World Music Awards in 2004 with Soukous Stars. She has received many acclaims from organizations she has volunteered in. She is one of the most recognized African dancers in NYC and was noted as the #1 African dance expert on Youtube. She is the founder of Siren-Protectors of the Rainforest and has taken her group on corporate sponsored tours around the United States. Her choreography has landed most videos on the #1 list in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Cote D’Ivoire and Congo; as well as a #1 video on Africahit.com.

She has performed for the Welcome Ceremony for the Cameroonian President twice, toured with the Wailers on the East Coast of the United States and was invited to the award ceremony of Her Excellency President Ellen Sirleaf Johnson of Liberia for The Hunger Project Africa Prize for Leadership because of the non-profit work she and her group have been doing in sub-Saharan Africa. She has also partnered up with the The Tabufor Institute for Human Development to build wells and schools in Cameroon and performed for Hispanico Magazine Jacob Riis houses 10th Annual AIDS Awareness for residents of NYCHA. Of all the stages she has held captive, the one that; according to her, makes her feel accomplished is her performance for Chinua Achebe (Africa’s literary giant) during his receipt of the Lillian Gish Prize for Literature.