December 29, 2017

Dear Friend and colleague:

On behalf of the members of the organizing and host committee who produced the High-Level Diaspora Farewell celebration honoring H.E. Tete António, former Permanent Observer of the African Union to the United Nations, now Secretary of State for External Affairs of the Republic of Angola, that took place on Saturday 23 December 2017 in the Nelson Mandela Hall at the African Union, permit us to extend the most heartfelt thank you for your attendance and support.
The overwhelming success of the celebration was largely due to your presence, for which we remain ever so grateful.

Testimony to the friendship and relationships forged between you and Ambassador Tete over the years was evident in your coming at this holiday time of many commitments, and also by some attendees coming from afar.

Beyond this, was the warm and gala spirit at the event. The room was infused with caring, warmth and love for “Tete” as we all celebrated and expressed our appreciation for him. Clearly the bond that has been forged with him and among the Diaspora, will continue, as the Ambassador himself wishes for.

A few days after this awesome gathering of friends and well-wishers, Ambassador António was kind enough to personally write a “thank you” letter to all the participants, which we are attaching with this email for you to enjoy. We know you will find his message as meaningful as we do in advancing the Diaspora agenda.

We very much look forward to working with you in the near future.

Co-conveners of the Tete Farewell event and Host Committee Members:
Professor Dr. Mohammed Nurhussein, National Chairperson, United African Congress and Tete
Farewell Event Co-convener
Sidique Wai, President and National Spokesperson, United African Congress and Tete Farewell
Event Co-convener
Gordon Tapper, Chairman, Give Them A Hand Foundation and Tete Farewell Event Co-convener
Professor Dr. Judy Kuriansky, Main United Nations Representative, International Association of
Applied Psychology and Tete Farewell Co-convener
Professor Milton Allimadi, Publisher, Black Star News and Tete Farewell Co-convener
Ms. Pulcherie Simpson, President, African Women Solidarity for Development
Ms. Angele Ventugol Onyie, President, Women International Network
Ms Clarisse Fall, President, Africa Hope Committee
Ms. Tiah Knox, President, Sierra Leone Arts Council
cc: HE Ambassador Tete António, Secretary of State for External Affairs, Republic of Angola
cc: Honorary Co-chairs and Trustees/Board of Directors of the organizing host committees

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