Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I would like to seize the opportunity of this blessed and special day of Christmas to thank all of you, friends and colleagues, who joined us last Saturday to offer their utmost support and affection following my appointment as Secretary of State for External Relations of the Republic of Angola.
I felt very much privileged, and wish to thank each one of you and appreciate all the efforts and commitment that you, my sisters and brothers, have demonstrated to ensure the success of the farewell party organized in my honor.
I fathom the blessed web of relationships and partnerships that God has offered so that I can be part of such a dynamic and loving group of people. Together, we worked hard. Together, we were dedicated to make the narrative of Africa a powerful one. Together we will continue our transformative actions for the good of our people in the continent and in the diaspora, oceans and soils away.
The large number of Africa’s friends, who responded present for this special occasion spoke of your natural power to bring people together, and of our destined mission to echo the story of our continent and its people beyond our terrestrial borders. We thank Africa’s friends, and acknowledge their strong support in the City of New York and beyond.
You have reaffirmed the strength of the diaspora. You have demonstrated the true meaning of the words “solidarity” and “brotherhood” with your love and awareness of our shared destinies.

For this, I thank you.

Tete Antonio

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