Together with the United African Congress, a coalition team including Give Them A Hand Foundation, the Black Star News, Carib News, AfricaWrites, AMULOMA Foundation, MANDYN DYAMA & USSLA prepared a plan of immediate action which it presented to the UN to help address the Ebola crisis currently spiraling out of control. The UAC came up with an action plan & Chart that is currently being implemented worldwide


1-866-692-3641 – A general access line to report new cases of Ebola


  • August 27th, 2014: Alarmed by the looming and fast moving Ebola crisis in Africa, the United African Congress (UAC) and Give Them a Hand Foundation, in collaboration with Africa Writes Inc. organized an urgent forum at the UN in the ECOSOC CHAMBER. The forum created awareness, mobilized regional, continental and international resources to stem the tide of the disease and, raised funds to help provide badly needed protective gear and other necessities. Speaking at the forum were the three Ambassadors to the UN of the three most affected countries (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone); WHO officials; Nobel Prize Nominee of Medicine Dr. Tomislav Prvulovic and on the ground report from Country based Community partners.

  • October 24th, 2014, The United African Congress, the Give Them a Hand Foundation, and a coalition of stakeholders forming a task force – SENDIT (Stop Ebola Now Diaspora Initiative Team) joined efforts again to spearhead a one mile walk from Times Square (42nd Street at Broadway) culminating at the Dag Hammarskjold Plaza at the United Nations (47th Street at First Avenue). The Walk to the United Nations was open to the general public to hammer home PIT (Prevention, Information & Treatment); to continue to raise awareness and combat growing stigmatization of African Expats.

  • Assess Emergency needs: Not enough medical staff; airconditioning for medical staff and quarantine appropriate supplies to enable proper containment for research and cure.

  • Assess the role of affected governments for equitable distribution of donated materials

  • A program planning meeting between ambassadors, health professionals & interested NGO partners under the patronage of UN/Country ambassadors of Guinea, Sierra Leone, & Nigeria at the UN

  • Fundraiser to support logistics of experts and donated materials directly to ground zero of contaminated communities


The United African Congress is coming up with initiatives to educate the public about this epidermic by making readily available lifesaving information to the affected public and the world at large. Please feel free to click here and find out our progress on eradicating Ebola.

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