UAC, an organization that represents over 3.5 million African immigrants residing in the United States, has been helping Africans restore their dignity. They were active in bringing to light the events surrounding Amadou Diallo’s death involving the NYPD who shot him 41 times at his doorstep. They assisted Naffissatou Diallo during her rape incident with DSK. We continue to build the capacity of continental Africans residing in the United States in the areas of civic engagement and positive race relations between continental Africans and their host neighbors throughout the United States, friends and people of goodwill around the world.

This year, our focus has been to enable the African Center in Kiev to continue providing assistance to people of African descend who are experiencing extreme economic hardship due to public safety challenges in Ukraine.

Nafissatou Diallo backed by Sidique Wai (National Spokesperson of UAC), Gordon Tapper and DA Kenneth Thompson during her press conference announcing her suit vs Dominique Straus Khan (DSK) for Raping her in his suite at the Sofitel in NYC